Marc-André Grondin donates to the memory of his father, Denis Grondin

03 | 12 | 2018
Marc-André Grondin donates to the memory of his father, Denis Grondin


28 instruments were given today to the Daniel-Johnson school orchestra and stage band in the presence of Marc-André Grondin

Montréal, November 28, 2018 – The evenko foundation gave 28 musical instruments worth nearly $25,000 to the Daniel-Johnson secondary school in the Pointe-aux-Trembles borough via its In harmony with our schools program. This donation has particular relevance today, as it was made in the memory of former radio host, music programmer, and major music fan Denis Grondin, who died last year. This donation, which came in part from the money raised during his funeral, was given by his son Marc-André Grondin, who hails from this part of the city. He also took the time to share his love of music and performance with the students.

“It’s important to give youth the means to express themselves musically. The price of a drum set or a saxophone shouldn’t stand in the way of creativity. Teaching a teenager to play an instrument in a band means teaching him sensibility, attentiveness and empathy,” says Marc-André Grondin.

28 musical instruments given to the Daniel-Johnson secondary school

Today, the evenko foundation for emerging talent carried on its mission to support, stimulate and foster young people’s interest in the performing arts by donating 28 musical instruments to Daniel-Johnson secondary school. In addition to participating in the evenko foundation program, this school was chosen because of the major need for musical instruments of its stage band and orchestra.

“With this donation, our In harmony with our schools will have invested approximately $360,000 in Quebec schools with the support of such artists as Marc-André Grondin and of our generous donors,” says Roman Oryschuk, chairman of the board of the evenko foundation. “We draw particular attention to the generosity of the artists and the devotion of the music teachers that inspire youth to discover and practise performing arts.”

During a ceremony hosted by foundation spokesperson and board member Anne-Marie Withenshaw, Marc-André Grondin gave away clarinets, trumpets, saxophones, tubas and trombones to the school in the name of the evenko foundation.