Les Trois Accords visit a Drummondville elementary school for the first music technology donation of the evenko foundation.

23 | 06 | 2022

On May 18, Alexandre and Simon from Les Trois Accords visited students of an elementary school that received the first music technology donation of the evenko foundation : a creative studio lab (named RésoLab) that is composed of 12 iPad stations including a Mini keyboard, microphones, headphones and an impressive network of connections 


The RésoLab gives the opportunity for the kids to be able to achieve success fairly easily and therefore to develop a positive contact with music all together! Francis Caron, the music teacher that created the music lab from A to Z!  


For the very first time, in the history of the foundation, the techno instruments were delivered to the school before our visit to allow the kids to learn the basics of GarageBand and to start working on musical arrangements on the Trois Accords’ classic song, Ouvre Tes Yeux Simon. 


Little did they know that they were going to present their version of the song to the songwriters themselves who use GarageBand to compose some of their songs! The interaction between Les Trois Accords and the 12 teams of students was authentic, creative and, very funny!  


We want to highlight the hard work and creativity of Francis Caron that created that unique music studio to help kids learn and love music, a gift for life! Nathalie Roberge, blabla 


And a special thanks to Les Trois Accords for their precious collaboration with us and their generosity with the kids!  


- Nathalie Roberge, director of the evenko foundation.