Annual review: A busy year at the evenko foundation

06 | 02 | 2019
Annual review: A busy year at the evenko foundation

After a very full year, the evenko foundation makes a positive assessment of its activities and initiatives with young people in 2018. More than ever, the organization listened to them and took concrete measures in its community. Last year alone, more than $125,000 was donated to various cultural organizations. Furthermore, since its beginnings in 2015, the foundation has invested more than one million four hundred thousand dollars in the community.

“The projects of the evenko foundation reflect the organization’s commitment to the community, and confirm the importance we attach to supporting emerging artists in Quebec. We’re happy to contribute our expertise, our resources and the strength of our network in order to encourage young people to passionately get involved with the performing arts,” says Jacques Aubé, Chief Operating Officer at evenko. 

“We’re proud of everything we’ve achieved since the creation of the evenko foundation in May 2015, including investing more than 1.4M$ in the community. Our impact among youth is confirmed year after year, and we’re committed to continuing our mission with the same intensity,” adds Roman Oryschuk, Chairman of the Board of the evenko foundation.

More than $200,000 in donations of musical instruments to Quebec schools in 2018

As part of the “In harmony with our schools” program, the evenko foundation, in partnership with Sirius XM Canada, donated musical instruments to academic environments where the needs were important. Anne-Marie Withenshaw, the spokesperson of the program, visited several schools to meet young people and talk about the program in the company of prestigious guests.

Hence, the École des Jeunes at Université de Montréal’s Faculty of Music, sponsored by conductor Jean-François Rivest, received $22,000 in instruments and equipment. The Music-Studies program of Montréal’s Saint-Luc high school, which welcomes 1,800 students from 97 countries, was given 31 string instruments to start a new class. For the occasion, the school was sponsored by Gabriella. For her part, Florence K went to Montréal’s Le Plateau elementary school, which offers first-rate musical and general training. In the name of the evenko foundation, she donated two wireless keyboards, as well as a high-performance system allowing the teacher to listen to one or several pianos simultaneously and to give advice to the young pianists.

Additionally, the Langlois elementary school in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield was visited by La Bronze, who donated various instruments worth $25,000 in total to their concert bands. A mould problem in the school’s basement had ruined its inventory of instruments. The Daniel-Johnson high school in Pointe-aux-Trembles, which is very active in the performing arts, welcomed Marc-André Grondin. In the name of the evenko foundation, and in the memory of his father, Denis Grondin, he gave them funds to encourage the practice of music among youth, and the foundation donated a collection of instruments worth $25,000, replacing 45-year-old instruments! Finally, L’École supérieure de ballet du Québec was sponsored by Anik Bissonnette. A donation of 6 pianos was made to 6 classes, in order to accompany dancers during their training.

In 2018, the evenko foundation donated approximately $200,000 worth of musical instruments. The foundation is pleased to have given more than $350,000 worth of instruments since 2015.

The evenko foundation Show raises a record sum of $340,000

When a benefit concert becomes a spectacular night of celebration, we can say mission accomplished! Presented last May, the evenko foundation Show brought together the young students from the evenko foundation program at the Place des Arts’ Théâtre Maisonneuve. With the students, Marc Dupré, La Bronze, Travis Cormier, Ludovick Bourgeois and Margau hit the stage to encourage young people in the practice of performing arts. The unique Marie Mai as well as Jeff Stinco & Chuck Comeau from Simple Plan made a surprise appearance, thrilling the students.

The evenko foundation program is now implemented in nine Montréal schools, with the addition of the La Voie school in Côte-des-Neiges last September. Since 2010, it offers free singing, guitar and visual arts classes to more than 200 young Montrealers. It gives them access to supervision and improved future prospects, while motivating them to develop their talents, artistic creativity, confidence and determination.

A contest in collaboration with Starbucks to promote art among youth

Have you seen the limited edition Starbucks cup sleeves? Last September, following the #150PlusWishes contest, Starbucks’ hot drinks were served with a cup sleeve showcasing the inspiring creations of high school students from the Montréal region who are part of the evenko foundation program. This contest organized by Starbucks, in partnership with the Société de développement social and the evenko foundation, allowed the young participants to display their creativity in a very concrete way, and to meet renowned Montréal mural artist Kevin Ledo, who was a member of the selection committee and acted as a mentor with the young artists. Here’s an original way to develop the talents of young people, to stimulate their creativity and to give them an opportunity to express themselves artistically!

The Eval-Manigat Award given by the evenko foundation during the Fondation SPACQ awards ceremony

On September 10, during the 13th edition of the Fondation SPACQ (Société professionnelle des auteurs et compositeurs du Québec) awards ceremony, the evenko foundation had the honour of giving the Eval-Manigat Award for emerging talent to Émile Bilodeau and Hubert Lenoir. Their exceptional early careers and their contribution to musical creativity were rewarded by this award, which encourages emerging artist to pursue their dreams.

Generous financial support for key players of the industry

In 2018, the evenko foundation gave the important sum of $125,000 to various organizations that keep the industry alive. RIASQ and Secondaire en spectacle, Festival international de la chanson de Granby, Maison Kekpart, L’École nationale de l’humour, and Rencontres Théâtre Ado thus received donations that will allow them to continue their activities and to help local culture to thrive. The foundation’s support of L’École nationale de l’humour made it possible for the latter to once again offer its intensive one-week comedy training to 12 to 17-year-olds, which concluded with a show presented in front of their parents and friends at the ÉNH theatre.

Since its creation, the evenko foundation has supported more than forty organizations.

New directors to bolster the evenko foundation

Last November, the evenko foundation welcomed Pierre Rodrigue, Vice President of Bell in Quebec, and Éric Nadeau, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships at Ticketmaster Canada, into its board of directors. Hand in hand with the other board members, Mr. Rodrigue and Mr. Nadeau will contribute to further bolstering the foundation, helping the organization to fulfill its mission, which is to support emerging artists and to encourage young people to practise the performing arts.

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