Réseau intercollégial des activités socioculturelles du Québec (RIASQ)

We support the RIASQ through a training program for the Cégeps en spectacle finalists and for the participants of the improvisation circuit, the Intercollégial de danse, de théâtre and de danse.

The Réseau intercollégial des activités socioculturelles du Québec (RIASQ) is a non-profit corporation, established in 1995, which works to develop educational activities of cultural recreation for students of the college environment. Affiliated to the Federation of CEGEPs, the RIASQ includes the vast majority of cultural animation services for colleges, study centers or Quebec campuses, public and private. In 2015-2016, 69 schools serving more than 153,000 students or 85% of the total customer college system are members of RIASQ. Its objectives are:

  • Promote consultation and the development of student cultural leisure activities;
  • Promote the educational role of cultural leisure activities;
  • Promote the contribution of these activities in the educational success of students;
  • Promote specific development of its members;
  • Accredit intercollegiate activities;
  • Represent, promote and defend the cultural services at the political level.

The evenko foundation supports the following activities through training by professionals.

  • Cégeps en spectacle;
  • L'Intercollégial de danse;
  • L'Intercollégial de théâtre;
  • L'Intercollégial de cinéma étudiant;
  • Le Circuit d'improvisation du RIASQ.

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