We support a creative project where the youth, coached by professional emerging artists, will live a unique experience, from the conception of an original play to it's presentation.

The project

Spaces of artistic creation and scene for youth of ages 12-17

For 30 years, Oxy-Jeunes uses the arts as a development tool for social and cultural inclusion of kids aged from 12-17 years old. In collaboration with its academic, community and cultural partners, Oxy-Jeunes offers to more than 100 teenagers from South Central Montreal and other disadvantaged areas of the city creative arts spaces and scenes to perform on. Through creation and stage techniques workshops, mentoring and performance activities, the project aims to encourage the expression and development of youth through the practice of arts. Under professional emerging artists, teenagers will be able to live a unique experience, designing an original piece from beginning to end all while adressing five artistic disciplines (music, song writing, singing and vocal harmonies, theater and urban dancing).

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