Geordie Productions

The Geordie Theatre School (GTS) Bursary Fund gives scholarships to youth from disadvantaged neighborhoods and gives them the opportunity to engage in artistic training under the supervision of professionals from the anglophone community.

Geordie Productions aims to entertain, provoke thought, fire up the imagination and challenge audiences of all ages. They celebrate the art of theatre and its importance by working with great artists of many disciplines and varied experiences to create plays that are vibrant and engaging. The work inspires dialogue between children and parents as well as teachers and students. Geordie Productions is committed to giving new life to existing Canadian plays as well as developing and contributing new great works to the national canon. The organization looks to constantly broaden its audience base by bringing productions to as many areas and communities as it can reach.

The project

Thanks to support from the evenko foundation, the Geordie Theatre School (GTS) now offers scholarships to benefit youth from lower economic backgrounds and gives them access to engage in performing arts training with professional artists from the English community. GTS, with the help of this new initiative, will allow even more youth to increase their confidence, creativity and craft through a dynamic introduction to theatre.

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