Singer and actress Mélissa Bédard pays tribute to her former high school music teacher in Québec city and delivers another surprise : $25 000 in music instruments!

08 | 06 | 2022
Eleven new saxophones for the stage band students!

On May 11th, Mélissa Bédard surprised a group of music students with a tribute to Stéphane Boulanger, her former music teacher and close friend since then. Stéphane played a major role in her music path:


“Stéphane was my music teacher. He has so much love for music and music education! Stéphane, I will never thank you enough. I wouldn’t be where I am now career-wise, if it wasn’t for you!” - Mélissa Bédard.


Mélissa and Stéphane shared anecdotes from her time in high school: it is where it all started for her! Music was keeping her focused in school and made her blossom into the great artist that she is now!


Mélissa also introduced the music students to their brand new 11 saxophones, a $25 000 donation.


Those new instruments will motivate the kids to play and practice more, allow them to experience a unique quality of sound and progress faster in their learning abilities which will lead them to be proud of themselves.


" The music students at Neufchâtel High School lived a memorable moment with the special visit of Mélissa Bédard that had a similar music path! It was beautiful to see that the kids realize the chance that they have to have access to music education with a devoted teacher like Stéphane. The instruments were the cherry on top that will accompany them and remind them of that special day!"


 - Nathalie Roberge, director of the evenko foundation.