L'École Le Plateau gets a surprise visit from violonist Alexandre Da Costa

17 | 12 | 2020
Alexandre Da Costa plays for a 2nd grade class at l'école Le Plateau

he evenko foundation had the pleasure of offering 18 new violins and cases, 80 shoulder rests, and more than thirty bows to the second grade students of école Le Plateau, in Montreal. A donation worth more than $18,000!

Actor and friend of the foundation Marc-André Grondin had the chance to surprise the students of a second-grade classroom bubble and to announce the donation of new violins and accessories by the foundation. Marc-André had another surprise for them in store: the presence of the violin soloist and conductor of the Orchestre Symphonique de Longueuil, Alexandre Da Costa. Before the astounded eyes of the students, Alexandre Da Costa played “Toccate & Boogie” and his version of “The Show Must Go On.” He was accompanied by pianist John Roney.  


The pandemic created needs in instruments.
Government guidelines recommend that the school provide an instrument to every student in order to prevent the propagation of the virus. Schools that choose to pursue music classes need to purchase more instruments in order to supply instruments for every student. 
Thanks to our donation, each second grade student now has their own violin that is in good shape and adapted to their size. This has a great impact on the ease of learning and the motivation of the children.
“These instruments meet a need created by the pandemic and thus improve the school’s violin collection for the next 15–20 years,” says Nathalie Roberge, director of the evenko foundation.
“A good violin can make the difference in the practice of an instrument and the training of a child who wants to improve,” adds Alexandre Da Costa.

École Le Plateau
École Le Plateau devotes 40% of its time to musical education. It welcomes 400 children from 25 disadvantaged schools in several cultural communities throughout Montreal.
“These children thus have the opportunity to be part of an academic program that uses musical practice to motivate them to do well in school,” stresses Julie Dessureault, principal of the école Le Plateau.
A warm thank you to Alexandre Da Costa and Marc-André Grondin, who generously contributed their time for the benefit of the children!